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Our licensed Private Investigators can always put together a tailor-made background check solution for your individual needs. For the most common searches, we have comprehensive pre-packaged solutions that cover the purposes of these searches.

abandoned house

Property Owner Skip Trace

Are you new to flipping houses as a property investor? Or, have you been flipping houses for years? Don’t waste your precious time doing public online searches for the property owner. They don’t often have the most current and accurate information. And you won’t have the time or tools for a more thorough search.

Here is a tool you need to add to your arsenal to increase your profits. Have a Live PI conduct your search on that abandon or vacant house you have found and provide the current owner for the investment property. Let our Live PI’s locate the owners of those possible property gems.

online dating background check

Online Dating Background Check

You find someone online and start thinking of getting into a relationship with them. How can you be sure that you can trust them and will be safe? It is time to check their background. Connect with a licensed Private Investigator and you will get the most current, verified information on your online dating partner.

There are so many people on online dating sites and social media who are not who they say they are. You do not want to become a victim of a scammer who is after money. Likewise, you want to avoid someone who is acting on false pretenses or may turn violent. Better safe than sorry.

premarital background check

Pre-Marital Background Check

Getting married is a big decision. Marriage should be a lifetime commitment. So, you want to make sure everything is the way it should be. Maybe it is time to run a proper background check. You certainly do not want any hidden secrets to come to light later on and ruin what you thought was a perfect relationship.

A premarital background check is a sensible option for your safety and peace of mind. Your licensed Private Investigator will get you the most current and accurate data about your partner. No more hesitation. Let your Live PI verify the facts and help put your mind at ease.

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