Online Dating Background Check

Need to verify that the person you are dating online is who they say they are? That is a wise decision. So many people lie in their profiles and predators can lurk anywhere. A licensed private investigator can best assist you in identifying scammers. The online dating background check results include:

  • Name and Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Search
  • Basic Social Media
  • Marriage and Divorce Records
  • Common/Shared Residency
  • Relatives/Children
  • Criminal/Sex Offender Records

We treat your request with utmost confidentiality. We value your privacy and never share your information with third parties.

US Phone Number Search

for Only $75

The US Phone Number Search is a must when the only information you have is their US phone number. It can be either a cell phone or landline. Your Live PI will check who’s the owner and find out information about them.

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Online Dating Background Check

In today’s online environment, you need to protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud. Our private investigators commonly conduct two types of background checks for online daters:

  • Search by Name is a good basic search that will reveal the essentials about your dating partner. It is based on minimum two criteria: their real name and date of birth or current/old address. Anything else you can tell about the person of interest will be helpful in the verification process. This search suits anybody who is dating and wants to verify the given facts about their dating partner.
  • Search by Phone Number works well when you only have a phone number. A known scammer tactic is to get their victim off the dating site onto text messaging and phone calls. This search is an excellent way to verify that the phone number is a phone number registered to the actual person. Like Search by Name, it will reveal essential facts about the person.

Results typically within 1 business day. During business hours, you may receive results in 2 hrs or less.

You will receive a report from an expert licensed Private Investigator. Your Live PI has verified the information to be the most current data about the correct person of interest. Online people searches cannot give you this guarantee.

Accuracy of Results

When you have a private investigator conduct an online dating background check, you will get accurate results. An automated online background check often renders a lot of maybes and leaves you none the wiser. You may pay for nothing. A Live PI uses proprietary databases, which are up-to-date, and retrieves the information manually. In addition, they cross check the data between databases to minimize error.  A human eye can detect anomalies artificial intelligence cannot. Therefore, a properly conducted online dating background check yields far better results. If everything checks out, you’ll have that peace of mind to move forward.

No Hit, No Fee Exception

Online dating is the only exception to our money back guarantee. If no results are found, it tells you the person of interest likely is a scammer with a false, invented profile. No Data Found raises a strong alarm about the dating prospect. It is a result in itself.

If results come back with a different location and data, it may be a stolen profile. Again, it’s a noteworthy result. Your Live PI will investigate and identify false or stolen profiles. Online dating is emotional and it is better to find out sooner than be burned.

Confidential Search to Solve Your Problem

We guarantee confidentiality of all searches and safeguard your privacy. Your person of interest will never know you checked their information. We will not share your information with third parties. You will not receive spam in your inbox after using the services of a Live PI.

If you need a comprehensive report with even more information, choose our accurate Background Check.

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