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Public Records vs. Professional People Search and Background Check Services 

There are two basic differences between Public Records and Professional Search services:

The Source of Information

Public records people search and background check engines can access only public databases, which may be outdated. You may receive incorrect or incomplete data, or the report may be missing information. Professional searches access proprietary databases with current data. This access requires a private investigator license. Hence, you receive the most accurate results.


Public records search engines do not verify the information is about the correct subject. A live, licensed private investigator can verify the results are about the correct person of interest. This can be quite a crucial point in your search for information about somebody.

Needless to say, a Live PI can provide you with more reliable information.

Your ultimate goal dictates which type of search you choose. Sometimes a public records search may be sufficient. Then again, if you need to be absolutely sure you get the correct data, talk to a Live PI.

Our Core People Search and Background Check Services

  • Person Locate

    Do you want to locate someone from your past? Or, do you want confirmation that you have correct information about somebody you are dealing with today? Need a reverse email search or a reverse cell phone lookup? Whatever the reason, our People Search and Background Check Services can do the job for you. Let your Live PI  provide you with the most accurate search results at a very reasonable cost.


  • Property Owner Search

    Locating hard-to-find property owners is one of our People Search and Background Check Services. When you find a good investment property but cannot find the property owner information, a Live PI can get it for you. You’ll get the latest information, which you may not find from online searches. So, stop wasting time, which easily equals money in these cases. Start a search today at a low one-time fee.

  • Online Dating Background Check

    You want to be safe and avoid romance scams and violence when you engage in online dating, right? Likewise. That’s what we want, too. Fraud is on the rise and therefore you need to be both alert and smart. Romance scammers and predators are experts, but so are we. Our People Search and Background Check Services may just save you from becoming a victim. Get verification before it’s too late. It’s a smart move to prevent potential loss of your life savings or even your life.

  • Premarital Background Check

    People do not always disclose everything about their past. So, if you have any doubts or unanswered questions regarding your partner you are inclined to marry, let a Live PI conduct a search. Our People Search and Background Check Services help you know for sure. You would not want something unpleasant to surface later on that could ruin the relationship. Or, leave you responsible for something of which you had no knowledge. This is a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

Our Mission

“Search Done Right by A Live PI” reflects our mission to provide as accurate people search and background check services as possible.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to receive correct data. You can make knowledgeable decisions based on the most current data you receive in your report.

Our Vision

PeopleSearchLive is one of the best client-centric businesses providing outstanding service and correct data for all legitimate people searches.

We make the Internet a safer place by providing accurate people search results so that you can converse in social media and dating sites and apps with confidence.

Our Ethics

We use lawful means to obtain the most accurate search results for you.

PeopleSearchLive reserves the right to decline unethical people search and background check requests. We do not conduct searches we could see to result in harm, loss or injury to any person.

We conduct the following common Professional People and Business Search Services:

  • Person Search/People Locate
  • Property Owner Search
  • Reverse Phone Number Look Up
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Email Search (list of emails matched to a subject or reverse email to find a subject)
  • Online Dating
  • Marriage/Divorce/Death Records
  • Relatives/Neighbors
  • Common Residency (shared addresses)
  • Utility Search
  • Phone Search/Phone Carrier Search (Residential and Business)
  • Court and Criminal Records/Wants & Warrants/Arrests/Traffic
  • Sex Offendor
  • Bankruptcies/Liens/Judgments
  • Patriot Act
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control)
  • Business Credit/People and Businesses on the Web/Professional License
  • Corporate Records/Federal Employer Identification Number/Tax ID Search
  • Bank Accounts/Assets
  • Driver’s License/Motor Vehicles
  • Tenant/Landlord/Evictions
  • Pre-employment Screening

What people who have used our services have to say

Thanks for not letting me fall for this one. Got your results with “no hit” and an explanation this most likely is not a good contact. I also tried some online searches with no results before you, but you explained why no results is valuable info. Feel bad for the refund. Amazing service!

I connected with a guy at a dating site and wanted to check him out. Online searches gave me mixed results, so I decided to try this site and a verified search.  A private investigator called me to confirm a couple of things and soon enough I received a report that told me everything about the guy checked out and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Happy!!!

You located my cousin! She used to spend summers with my family when I was a kid, but later on we lost touch with her moving from one place to another. I just filled out a form and had an actual private investigator find her. Some kind of instant search. Got the results the same day.

Paid for a search for someone I met online. No results. I was frustrated, but the private investigator included in the report that if nothing was found, it may be a scammer. Got a refund, and the next thing this guy started asking for money. Thanks for saving me so early!

The report came back faster than expected. It was thorough and easy to read. I appreciated the extra notes at the bottom.

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