People Search Done Right by a Live PI

A live Licensed Private Investigator (human) conducts your Instant People Search. Your Live PI will need minimum two criteria to conduct the search. Hence, we ask you to provide their full name and date of birth and/or last known address, which are the fastest and surest way to find the correct subject. Also, tell us what else you know about the person of interest to help us serve you as fast as possible.

Accurate People Search

An automated online instant people search is a computerized search retrieving data from public databases and results vary. Our human private investigators retrieve data manually from up-to-date proprietary databases. Therefore, the results of a premium instant people search are more accurate.

Results typically within 1 business day. During business hours, you may receive results in 2 hrs or less.

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No Hit, No Fee

If nothing is found, your payment will be refunded to you minus $4.95 to cover payment processing costs. This is not common, but it can happen. We may need to issue a refund if we didn’t receive enough preliminary information to conduct the search. You will receive a refund if a valid reason for the search is missing, so please include it. In rare cases, a person of interest may not want to be found and has left no traces to follow. If we need to issue a refund, the reason for the refund will be included.

*Exception: The only exception to our money back guarantee is online dating. If no results are found, you likely are dealing with a false profile. So, this in itself is a result. If results are found, but the address and/or phone number differs, your Live PI will conduct further investigation. You may be dealing with a stolen profile.

Confidential Search to Solve Your Problem

Confidentiality is guaranteed, as is privacy. We will not share your information with third parties. In other words, no spam in your inbox after you conduct a search with us.

This is an excellent value fast people search to locate someone and should solve your problem. If you want a Live PI to verify the results or you want to talk to a Live PI regarding your search, go to Verified People Search.

Searches: Mon-Fri 8 am-8 pm EST
Live PI is available 24/7

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