Great Job, very sufficient along with a quick turnaround time…

A pleasure working with my private investigator!  Carl, Thanks again…

Awesome work! I had been trying to find the owner and you guys got the phone number.

Having trouble finding the Property Owner?

You notice this abandoned house in a high demand neighborhood. Now that would make an excellent investment for a rental or flip! Of course, you write down the address. Then you search online for comp property values using a site like Zillow. The numbers are looking good. Next, it’s time to make an offer to the owner of the property.

So, you search the county public records. The search comes back to a person who used to live in this abandoned house and is now deceased. Consequently, you may run a property owner search using one of the many people search sites available online. You may get lucky, but more often you will need professional help locating the current owner of the property.

Your next step should be to run a Property Owner Search with a Live PI on PeopleSearchLive. This is your best solution when all else fails. It is also your best solution, if you don’t want to spend any of your precious time trying to locate the current owner. We have the tools to do the job right and efficiently.

We specialize in difficult and hard-to-find Property Owner Searches

Your licensed Private Investigator has access to up-to-date proprietary databases. In addition, they have expertise in locating hard-to-find property owners or next-of-kin relatives who may have inherited the property.

No Hit No Fee Policy

If the search results in no hit, your payment will be refunded to you minus $5 to cover payment processing costs. No subscription required.

If you think you have already exhausted all other options, go to Property Owner Skip Trace.

Searches: Mon-Fri 8 am-8 pm EST
Live PI is available 24/7

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