Online queries from public records are not FCRA compliant and should not be used for purposes that require FCRA compliance.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) laws regulate how a consumer report including credit information can be accessed, collected and disseminated. Purposes that require compliance are e.g. employment or tenant screening, consumer credit and insurance.

A Word about Public Records

Public Records are records compiled by state, local and federal agencies. There is no guarantee about the information being current, correct or complete. The records are as up-to-date as they are at any given time. This search doesn’t include any paid databases.

Not all state and county government agencies have public records available online. In addition, states have varying exemptions and restrictions as to what information is publicly available.

Search Results

Your Live PI will search various free public databases to get you whatever information is available as fast as possible. As always, there is no subscription fee.

For better results, use our Fast People Search. The results will be most current and correct.

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