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Instructions: Provide your correct contact information. Specify whether you need a Verified People Search, Background Check or Other. Explain “Other” in the additional information field.

Please note that all fields on the form are required. If you do not have the required subject information, type “unknown”.

Try to provide as much material data as you can. Your Live PI will contact you once you’ve initiated the search.

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Whether you choose a Verified People Search or Background Check or Other, you will receive a FREE Initial Consultation with a Live Licensed Private Investigator, your Live PI. You can make sure your search covers what you want it to cover. Also, you may know more than you know, and your investigator knows to ask the right questions.

Accuracy of the Results

Your private investigator conducts the search manually using proprietary databases. Not only that, but the searches we conduct will provide you with data your Live PI has identified to be the most current data about the correct person. The Verified People Search includes an additional verification process to guarantee accuracy. Online instant people searches cannot either identify or verify information. Nor can they guarantee accuracy of any searches.

Time Frame

You will usually get the best results within 24-72 hrs. Typically, you’ll receive results in 1 business day. In rare cases, when your investigator needs to contact and outside source, e.g. a federal or state agency, results may take longer. Governmental sources can take up to four weeks to respond.

Verified People Search  – No Find, No Fee

If your Live PI finds no results, you will receive a full payment refund. This rarely happens, but when someone does not want to be found, they can indeed cover their tracks. If you receive a refund, we will include the reason why we are refunding your payment.

*Note: The money back guarantee does not apply to online dating. In online dating investigations, “no results” is a result strongly suggesting your contact is not a real person. Your Live PI will further investigate cases of possible stolen identities. Usually, in these cases the address and/or phone number may be different than what your contact gave you. Verification will clarify this.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your confidentiality is guaranteed, as is your privacy. Rest assured, your person of interest will know nothing about the search. Moreover, we will not share your contact information with third parties. Meaning, no spam in your inbox after you’ve conducted a search with us.

If you need a more simplified search to locate someone, or to confirm someone has given you their correct information, go to Instant People Search.

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