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Verified people search is the way to go especially if you want to avoid fraud or need to find somebody for legal purposes, e.g. to serve papers. With Verified People Search, you’ll receive results verified by a Licensed Private Investigator, your Live PI. You can be sure your search results are correct and current.

Accuracy of the Results

Your private investigator conducts the search manually using proprietary databases. In addition, Verified People Search includes an additional verification process to guarantee that the results are the most current data about the correct person. Online people search engines cannot either identify or verify information. Nor can they guarantee accuracy of any searches.

verified people search

Time Frame

You will usually get the results within 24-72 hrs. Typically, you’ll receive results in 1 business day. In rare cases, when your investigator needs to contact an outside source, e.g. a federal or state agency, results may take longer. Your Live PI will notify you about it. Governmental sources can take up to four weeks to respond.

Verified People Search  – No Find, No Fee

Finding no results is rare, but when someone does not want to be found, they can indeed cover their tracks. If your Live PI finds no results, you will receive a refund minus $4.95 to cover payment processing costs. If you receive a refund, we will include the reason why we are refunding your payment.

*Note: The money back guarantee does not apply to online dating. If no results are found, you likely are dealing with a false/stolen profile. So, this in itself is a result. If results are found, but the address and/or phone number differs, your Live PI will conduct further investigation and attempts to verify the results.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your confidentiality is guaranteed, as is your privacy. Rest assured, your person of interest will know nothing about the search. Moreover, we will not share your contact information with third parties. Meaning, no spam in your inbox after you’ve conducted a search with us.

If you need a more simplified search to locate someone, or to confirm someone has given you their correct information, go to Fast People Search or Public Records Search.

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