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What Is Live PI

Live PI is a collective name for the licensed private investigators who do work for PeopleSearchLive. They are all professionals with years of experience.

To become a licensed private investigator, a person has to fulfill certain basic requirements and obtain relevant education or training. Moreover, they have to go through a licensure procedure, which differs by state. While there is a handful of states that do not have a state licensure requirement, PeopleSearchLive requires Live PI’s to have a license.

Having a P.I. license subjects private investigators to do their work following the standards that state laws set for them. If they are a member of a state professional investigator association, as they often are, they’ll have to follow the association bylaws, as well. Generally, there is a professional code of ethics that private investigators are to go by and respect. They also are expected to maintain moral integrity.

About a Live PI

Movies and TV shows have come up with an image of a private investigator obtaining results by whatever means they see necessary to employ. Of course, it’s just an image, sometimes shady or romanticized, for TV and the big screen to make their creations more interesting. In reality, what a private investigator does is governed by laws and regulations to ensure they do not resort to unlawful practices. Experience is one of the main qualities that makes a Live PI an expert.

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People searches and background checks are mainly methodological research work. It can be tedious, but in most cases, also interesting. There are certain qualities an investigator needs to possess to be able to do their work successfully. To provide accurate results, a Live PI should have strong analytical and observation skills. In addition, they need logic and deductive skills.

Private investigators know how to track down information. Sometimes a search may come back with multiple options. Then the investigator may use outside-the-box thinking and intuition backed up by their several years of experience. Getting results may need cross-referencing multiple databases and other sources of information. If an initial search comes back with nothing at all, again checking multiple databases and other sources can solve the case.

Tools and Methods

The most important tool available to a Live PI is professional databases that require a license for access. These databases contain accurate data, which means they have current and correct information. Besides databases, an investigator often researches other sources of information such as social networks and social media, court and criminal records, employment records, etc. Access to records depends by state and, for example, driving records may not be easily obtainable. County-level record research may be time-consuming, which may prolong the search.

To name a few methods, research usually involves Internet digital records, phone calls and even resorting to mailings. Most of the time, it is not as easy as pulling the information from one source like a rabbit out of a hat. A simple people search can have a quick turnaround time, but a proper background check may take several days. This is due to information being gathered from several sources and the sources may not always be quick to respond.

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Obtaining Results

Whether you conduct an instant people search or a background check with us, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a professional Live PI with years of experience. They respond to your query, treat it as confidential and do their utmost effort to provide you useful information. You’ll receive real information, not mixed data from public records.

Depending on the extent of your query, the turnaround time can vary from almost instant to days and, in unusual cases, weeks. It all depends on what type of information you seek and what information you provide to start the search. In a rare case, where no results are found, you will receive an explanation of why there weren’t results and a refund.

There are certain things a private investigator cannot do. The following are a few examples: While they can identify a phone carrier, they cannot get your phone records, which state and federal statutes protect. To get the records would require at least a subpoena or court order. In a similar manner, they can obtain the information that a criminal record exists, but not access the record itself. Private investigators cannot record private conversations nor access personal mail or email accounts. They cannot enter buildings or property without the owner’s consent. It’s illegal for them to use deceitful means or bribery to obtain information.

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Live PI Extras

Some private investigators take the time to write blogs to share their knowledge or give examples of how professionals conduct searches and obtain results. They can help you do your own search by providing tips on using resources that are publicly available. You need to be cautious with public records and publicly available information, though. It often isn’t up-to-date and if you’re searching for information about a person who has a fairly common name, you may receive false positives. Only a Live PI could tell the difference.

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