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What Is PeopleSearchLive

In a nutshell, PeopleSearchLive is a service offering accurate and current people search and background check results at a minimal cost within a reasonable amount of time. The service is provided by a licensed private investigative agency, Courthouse Investigative Agency. All searches work on a per search basis and no subscription is required.

Human licensed private investigators called Live PI’s conduct all searches ensuring you get results that answer your query. PeopleSearchLive is an online service, but it differs from other online people search engines in several ways. I’ll highlight the major differences with reviews from the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs websites as examples.

Now then, you could spend hours searching free public records online yourself and find some data. Most people don’t bother spending the time on a search but rather resort to an online people search engine. There are some 90,500 queries for a “free people search” every month. Some 74,000 people are looking for a “free background check” monthly.

People are looking and searching. But what do they find? Often enough, a people search engine delivering unusable data that doesn’t come free, after all. That is a concern and there are many others. The best way to address them is to look at what value PeopleSearchLive adds to the search process. You’ll get to see what “Search done right by a Live PI” means.

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The Quality of Information on PeopleSearchLive

The results you receive for your search are inversely proportional to the source of information. Online people search sites use only publicly accessible sources, such as public records, social media, social professional networks, phone books, marketing surveys, real estate listings, magazine subscriptions, etc. The current status and availability of this information varies greatly, which affects the search results. Different states have different rules as to what information can be publicly available. The online people search websites readily admit they can only work with the information that is available within public data.

Live PI’s at PeopleSearchLive conduct searches in databases access to which requires a license, because they contain sensitive data. This data is not publicly available. Many of these databases share the information law enforcement and other officials access for accurate data. Furthermore, these databases have higher monthly fees to facilitate updates to keep the data accurate. That means it’s both correct and current. Let’s see how this impacts search results.

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Correct Information

For you to receive usable information, it would need to be correct, right? Many people conduct a search on themselves to see how much of their information is correct. Unfortunately, the results are hardly ever correct. More often than not, they’re anything but accurate. They see relatives they’ve never heard of, phone numbers they’ve never had and addresses they’ve never lived at, to name a few. When I searched myself by phone number, I got results of another person who years ago had had my phone number in another state.

Several reviews about the popular people search websites address this concern. If the information isn’t correct, it’s a waste of your time and money and it’s unusable. Incorrect information is scary, because wrong results can be powerful.

They have very inaccurate information about everyone I have researched on their site. They have a picture of a black woman for my sister who is as white as a sheet and I can’t get them to take it down. They are much too expensive for what they do.” [Source: Better Business Bureau, an Instant Checkmate review 08/20/2018]

On PeopleSearchLive, there’s no guess work. A Live PI accesses professional databases that have correct information. The Premium Instant People Search needs two criteria for the investigator to pull up the correct information. In addition to the person’s name, you’d need to give either their date of birth or an old address. These are straightforward searches and locate the person for you plus come up with additional data. For whatever reason you’re searching for someone or information about them, you’ll get usable data.

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Current Information

In addition to the information being correct, you’d also need it to be current. This is where people search websites have serious problems. The reason for that is that the databases from which they pull up the information aren’t current. They can be several months behind. What good is it for you to pay for old information?

This concern has also been addressed in many reviews. When you’re looking for information on someone you have a purpose. It may be to locate someone you used to know and would like to get in touch with again. Or, you may need to make an educated decision. A good example would be possibly dating someone and verifying their identity. Maybe someone has skipped town owing you money and you need to find their current whereabouts. To receive current information is crucial to you.

I heard my ex-husband was dead; I could not find info on this, but it did not show our 1980 divorce nor his second divorce. I cannot trust his current address, as it showed his old home address (with both of his now deceased parents still listed as living there). I knew most everything already and wanted a PAID service to give me true up to date info…not this useless mess. [Source: Consumer Affairs, a PeopleFinders review 03/30/2019]

Live PI’s of PeopleSearchLive subscribe to and search databases that have current information. You don’t need or deserve outdated junk. A recent search involved finding the current address of a person who had moved five months ago. Our client had tried to find the information on online people search websites only to receive the old address. A Live PI found the correct new address with a turnaround time of less than an hour. If the information you receive is not current, it’s worthless.

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Information About The Correct Person

When you conduct a search on somebody online, you’ll get several options for people with the same or similar names. Their information is so closely similar that a machine cannot tell the difference which one would be the correct option for you. If you’re looking for information on someone you’ve just met, you cannot be sure that you’re getting information about the correct person. Even if you know to choose the correct person, the machine search may have pulled in information about another person with the same name. Therefore, you can receive false information and not even know about it. You may end up making a decision based on partially incorrect information.

I tried it, paid almost $30.00 and it searched the wrong person. It didn’t give me anything on the person I needed a background checked on. I fell for the fake 5 stars. Don’t do it! You will throw your money away. [Source: Consumer Affairs, an Intelius review 05/03/2019]

This is where PeopleSearchLive really makes a difference. Live PI’s have years of experience in conducting searches. Their database searches also may pull up several people by the same name. However, by carefully cross-referencing the information and using additional methods, they can deduct which one is the correct person. A machine-conducted search doesn’t have this intuitive human capability. For artificial intelligence, data is just data. For a licensed private investigator, it is pieces of a puzzle that fit together. You can expect results that are more than a simple Google search and about the correct person only.

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Verified Information

Normally, an unverified people search is enough, if you can trust you’re receiving correct and current information. In some cases, though, you may rather opt for a verified search. It means that whoever does the search verifies the information. This may be necessary, for example, for legal purposes or where money is involved or even where emotions are involved. Unfortunately, no machine is able to verify search results. Thus, the many online people search engines just simply aren’t able give you verified results. People don’t understand this and make the mistake of believing they get verified information.

“BeenVerified has many items in my report on me that are down right lies. They do not verify their information before putting this information in and they will not correct this issue nor will they delete my information. Their incorrect information on me caused me harm in not getting employment due to wrong non-verified information.” [Source: Better Business Bureau, a BeenVerified review 02/04/2019]

As said, machines cannot verify results. A human Live PI can. The reason why machines cannot give you verified results is that verification involves actually contacting the subject. It’s an extra effort and needs to be done in a delicate manner. Of course, A Live PI does this in a way that won’t give out any information about the search to the subject. If you need verified results, please understand you cannot get them from any online people search engine. You need to contact a professional licensed private investigator.

Additional Value of PeopleSearchLive

Besides the accuracy of information, there are other concerns relating to people searches. They go beyond the search results and address the overall user experience. The mains ones include subscriptions, privacy, your information and refunds.

no subscription

No Subscription

Why would you need start a recurring subscription if you just want to conduct a quick search on somebody? Many people search websites advertise a “free” people search, which is just a marketing trick. You can search free, but you’ll have to pay for the results. Your search ends up costing you money either as a report upgrade or a recurring monthly subscription. As reviews reveal, this is a major concern. There are many, many people complaining about being enrolled in a subscription and not being able to cancel it. Or, the cancellation process is taking too long and they receive only a partial refund.

Signed up for the trial period and the information that they reported was highly inaccurate and incomplete. I am sure this is to get you to invest further. Canceled the service within the time period specified and apparently it was not received and continued to charge me for additional months. Called to cancel which they did but no consideration on the previous month charges. This is where they make their money. Beware and do not give them your credit card information. [Source: Consumer Affairs, a Spokeo review 02/13/2019]

Needless to say, there’s no forced subscription fee on PeopleSearchlive. You pay for a single report and no other money will be taken from your account. We use PayPal and Stripe as secure payment processors, so we don’t receive or handle your debit or credit card information. Consequently, we do not store your financial information. This is a fair and square practice and also facilitates easy refunds.

If we ever offer a subscription on any of our services, the terms will be clearly stated. It will be advertised as a separate service. You can subscribe to the service and cancel it at any time.

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Privacy and Confidentiality of PeopleSearchLive

Yet another concern regarding online people searches is the spam you start receiving after conducting a people search online. You have to give your email address and/or register to receive the report only to receive a ton of spam in the aftermath. You may not realize it, but online people search websites sell your information. Besides subscriptions, one way websites like Intelius, Spokeo, Truthfinder, Instant Checkmate, Peoplefinders, etc. make money is to sell your email address to third parties. When you give them your email address, you consent to them sharing your email with their “trading partners.”

“Spamfinder or ********** would be a better description of this business. On Friday, March 2, 2018, I purchased a Truthfinders report to help a friend. The report did not provide any useful information and did not even include criminal charges I knew about. Worse, my email account address was instantly posted on the dark web, and I have received hundreds of spam, ************ emails every day…” [Source: Better Business Bureau, a Truthfinder review 05/17/2018]

PeopleSearchLive takes your privacy concerns very seriously because we are professionals. Protecting your privacy is important to us. We will never share or sell your information, so you will not receive spam after conducting a search with us. Furthermore, privacy goes hand-in-hand with confidentiality and we also guarantee you confidentiality. We are in the searching business, not sharing and spamming business.

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Information About You

Many people are concerned about online people search websites “storing” their information. Well, the sites pull up your information when someone searches for it, which creates a url with your information. Most sites offer an opt-out so that you could have this url removed, but the process is tedious and you’d have to do this separately on each site. Moreover, it may not even work and your information comes up again when someone searches for it. Understand, too, that purging your information on these websites does not delete it from online public records. It will still be available online to whoever searches for it.

“Did a search with my email address, and it returned massive amounts of information that I did not give me consent to give. When I asked them to remove my email and all my information they gave me some ridiculous excuse that they couldn’t remove it because that information was handled someplace else.” [Source: Better Business Bureau, a BeenVerified review 03/05/2019]

PeopleSearchLive is not a people search website scraping the Internet for publicly available information. Consequently, we do not store anything about you on our website. The only way someone can search for your information with us is to order a search. We also always request our clients to give us a valid reason for the search. This is to ensure the search has a legitimate purpose. If we detect something does not sound right, we will refuse to conduct the search.

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Money Back Guarantee on PeopleSearchLive

Getting money back from online people search websites has caused a headache for many. Consumers don’t realize that by conducting a search they start a subscription. The information is in the fine print and all these sites have a lot of it. Once consumers realize that money is taken out of their bank account, it is difficult to stop the subscription and receive a refund.

I purchased a one time $4.95 search for a number that I suspected for a scam. US Search said they would refund the $4.95 if they could not find the results which they did. I checked my account and noticed they charged a $22.02 membership fee as well. I never signed up for the membership and they refused to refund the fee. I only signed for the one time search… [Source: Consumer Affairs, a USSearch review 04/12/2019]

PeopleSearchLive has a trouble-free money back guarantee. Occasionally, it can happen that a search does not come up with any results. Sometimes no data found can be valuable information on its own. It may indicate that the person doesn’t want to be found and has effectively covered their tracks as happened in a recent case. There are other reasons, but whatever the reason is, you’ll receive a refund if we find nothing. You don’t have to contact us for a refund. We will refund your money automatically via the payment processor used for the payment (PayPal or Stripe) and include a note why you are receiving a refund.

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By now, you should understand the difference between online people search engines and PeopleSearchLive. We are offering a novelty service bringing private investigator run people searches pricewise to the level of online people searches. Our services concentrate on adding value that you don’t receive from online people search engines. Consumers should understand that “free” people searches and background checks are only as good as the data sources. To get real and usable data, you should be ready to pay a little, but we understand it shouldn’t break the bank. Incorrect or missing information easily results in wrong decisions. Receiving inaccurate information can have a serious impact on the actions you take.

Our mission, vision and ethics are about safety and we stress accuracy, i.e. being correct and current. When you request us to conduct your people search or background check, we want you to be able to trust the service you receive. If you understand the value of the information you are searching for, you also realize you most likely won’t receive valuable information from a “free” people search or background check. Our Live PI’s are experts and have done this for years.

End note: When reading the reviews about online people search websites, I saw reviews relating to both employment and tenant screening. Popular people search websites are not consumer reporting agencies. It should clearly state that on their website or it should be in their terms and conditions. The information available on these websites shouldn’t be used for decisions about employment or tenant screening. Nor should it be used for any other purposes relating to consumer credit. It’s against the FCRA laws, yet it happens. You need to know that it is unlawful.

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