Get the most Accurate People Search Data


Only a Live PI can Identify and Verify Results


Get the most Accurate People Search Data


Only a Live PI can Identify and Verify Results

Instant Online People Search

Conduct your own Instant Online People Search with the popular people lookup engines Spokeo or Instant Checkmate.

Instant online services have access to public databases only.


Get results fast. Public records searches are not verified and may not be accurate.

Prices vary by service.

Premium Instant People Search

Have a Live, Licensed Private Investigator conduct your inquiry for you.

Your Live PI accesses restricted databases available only to a licensed PI for the most current results.


Get results back in 24 hrs. The search results will be accurate but not verified.

Starting at $34.95

Premium Verified People Search

Your Licensed Private Investigator retrieves the most current results by accessing restricted databases.

Your Live PI verifies that the data is about the correct person of interest.


Get results back in 24-72 hrs. The results will be accurate and verified.

Starting at $59.95

People Search Live – Background Check Live

  • A human Live Licensed Private Investigator (Live PI)
  • Access to exclusive databases with accurate information, unlike most public databases. You get Real Results
  • No Subscription
  • FREE Initial Consultation, services Fully Confidential
  • No Hit – No Fee
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Purpose and Depth of People Search and Background Checks

Are you looking to find more information about someone? Or, maybe you’re looking to find an old friend. Maybe you need to locate someone who owes you money. Using an online person lookup website such as Spokeo may seem like a good idea. However, using PeopleSearchLive might be a much better idea.

You should know that online people search sites retrieve information from public records only. They cannot access the databases a Live Licenced PI uses. Nor can they verify you get the most current and accurate data. Consequently, the report you pay for may not be reliable.

Therefore, an accurate people search or background check by a Professional Licensed Private Investigator is your best choice. Your Live PI on PeopleSearchLive can respond to your individual requirements. You only pay for what you need. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Property Owner Search

PeopleSearchLive is the tool for all serious real estate investors looking to locate hard-to-find property owners or executors of estates. Have one of our Licensed Private Investigators locate the property owner. You can spend more time looking for hidden Nuggets in your community.

We offer 2 types of Premium Property Owner Searches:

  1. Premium Property Owner Search. Your Live PI (private investigator) locates the owner or next of kin using our professional people search databases.
  2. Premium Property Owner Skip Trace. The skip trace is used when the Premium Basic Property Owner search results in no hits. The skip trace will locate the party who is currently responsible for the property.

Online Dating Investigation

Millions of $$$ have been lost to scammers by trusting people. Please, do not become prey. Your Licensed PI can run an Online Dating Background Check to help you know who is real and who is not. It can save you from fraud, heartache, and remorse.

Premarital Investigation

It is common for people to hide negative details about their past. If you are ready to get married, there may be some things you should know. A Premarital Background Check may save you from a lot of future trouble and sorrow.

Ways to Find Information

You certainly can conduct your own Instant Search at your own risk using popular online people search services such as Instant Checkmate and Spokeo. However, if you need a more in-depth and most up-to-date report, have one of our expert licensed private investigators handle your inquiry. With our Premium Services, you will get the results you seek. Many of our services come with a money back guarantee.

Data Report from PeopleSearchLive

What you receive through our People Search and Background Check services is exactly what you’re looking for – the most useful information about the subject of interest.

You can get data on phone numbers, past and present addresses, marriage records, demographic data, vital records, real estate ownership, assets, bankruptcies, court records, criminal history…and you will receive the information as fast as possible.

Recommended to anyone searching for information

This is truly a great new way to get information on people I’m doing business with just by their cell phone number. They were able to get the assets info of a possible business partner that showed he did not have the money he said he had. Never knew there were such searches, but it saved me from a lot of future headaches not dealing with this person. I just want to thank you for a great service!

Jonathan F

I got to speak to a real private investigator

Never have dealt with a private investigator before. It was a cool experience. He really asked the right questions to help me find out the truth about this guy I was dating. And it wasn’t even expensive as I thought it would be. I will be using this live pi search service in the future. Thanks again keep up the great work.

Sharon N

No hesitation in recommending this service…

I was hesitant at first before I decided to try this search. I have used a few of the online searches, but it has been a hit or miss attempt. I was a breath of fresh air knowing I actually had an investigator handling my search and who I was able to ask a question, too! Guess what, I got the address I was looking for. I recommend these guys.

Gary C

They got me great results…

I’ve been very satisfied with the results I got back from my investigator who worked on my search. I previously used Beenverified because I needed to see who I was meeting the following week. I had his cell phone number but I wasn’t getting a match on my date. I am glad I found this site he was able to get me his address as well as a full background report. Thank you, Mike!

Christine F

Great professionalism and patience…

I just wanted to say thank you for the great work on finding my daughter. It was quite a thrill to know I was finally going to be able to reunite with my little girl. The investigator who handles my search was very concerned with my needs and I just wanted to thank him for having patience with me. Happy Dad.

Jerry W

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Live PI is available 24/7

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